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 INE acquired eLearnSecurity in 2019 to add cybersecurity certifications to our offerings, and now we’re taking it to the next level – combining the know-how and strength of INE training with eLearnSecurity certifications.

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eJPT - Junior Penetration Tester

Junior Penetration Tester

The Junior Penetration Tester certification demonstrates your newly learned cyber security skills. For IT professionals looking for meaningful jobs in the industry, the eJPT certification proves to employers that you have the prerequisite training necessary for a career in cyber security.

Certified Professional Penetration Tester

Join IT professionals around the world by passing eLearnSecurity’s Certified Professional Penetration Tester certification. The certification involves in-depth penetration testing that simulates a real-world scenario and is hand-graded by a security professional.

eMAPT - Mobile Application Penetration Tester

Mobile Application Penetration Tester

The Mobile Application Penetration Tester certificate shows students are ready to take on the challenges of mobile application security. Graded by industry experts and requiring a hands-on skills demonstration, eMAPT provides concrete evidence of mobile app security knowledge.

eWPT - Web Application Penetration Tester

Web Application Penetration Tester

The Web Application Penetration Tester tests cyber security professionals through in-depth web application security questions and simulations. eWPT allows pentesters to prove their skills in one of cyber security’s fastest growing sectors.

eWPTX - Web-application Penetration Tester eXtreme

Web Application Penetration Tester eXtreme

The Web application Penetration Tester eXtreme is our most advanced Pentesting certification. Prove your penetration skills through a rigorous simulation of real-world pentesting. Students who obtain their eWPTXv2 exam prove their expert pentesting abilities.

eEDA - Enterprise Defense Associate

Enterprise Defense Administrator

The eEDA exam is for those starting their defensive cybersecurity journey. It covers Secure Engineering Fundamentals, Risk and Compliance, Identity and Access Management, and Security Administration. This hands-on exam prepares you for success as a Defensive Security Engineer.

Certified Incident Responder

The Certified Incident Responder certification is ideal for blue team security professionals. The exam is designed to test the skills students learn in our Incident Handling & Response class and challenges you through advanced detection and analysis methodologies.

eCTHP - Certified Threat Hunting Professional

Certified Threat Hunting Professional

The Certified Threat Hunting Professional is an expert-level certification that proves your threat hunting and threat identification capabilities. Students are tested through real-world scenarios modeled after cutting-edge malware that simulates corporate network vulnerabilities.

Certified Digital Forensics Professional

The Certified Digital Forensics Professional tests your digital forensics knowledge through scenario-based examinations. Students must complete a thorough digital forensics simulation that requires various methodologies.

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