eCPPT Certification

Certified Professional Penetration Tester

eCPPT is a 100% practical and highly respected Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Professional certification counting certified professionals in all seven continents.

The Exam
INE Security’s Certified Professional Penetration Tester certification is a practical, hands-on certification exam designed for professional Penetration Testers and Ethical Hackers. The certification exam assesses and validates that the individual has the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to fulfill the role of a modern Penetration Tester.
Exam Objectives
The eCPPT evaluates an individual’s skills across various domains and objectives, certifying their mastery and understanding.

Information Gathering & Reconnaissance (10%)

  • Perform Host Discovery and Port Scanning on Target Networks
  • Enumerate Information From Services Running on Open Ports

Initial Access (15%)

  • Perform Username Enumeration to Identify Valid User Accounts on Target Systems
  • Perform Password Spraying Attacks to Identify Valid Credentials for Initial Access
  • Perform Brute-Force Attacks on Remote Access Services for Initial Access

Web Application Penetration Testing (15%)

  • Perform Web Application Enumeration to Identify Potential Vulnerabilities & Misconfigurations
  • Identify and Exploit Common Web Application Vulnerabilities For Initial Access (SQLi, XSS, Command Injection, etc)
  • Perform Brute-Force Attacks Against Login Forms
  • Exploit Vulnerable and Outdated Web Application Components
  • Exfiltrate Data and Credentials From Compromised Web Applications and Databases

Exploitation & Post-Exploitation (25%)

  • Identify and Exploit Vulnerabilities or Misconfigurations in Services
  • Identify and Exploit Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
  • Dump and Crack Password Hashes
  • Identify Locally Stored Unsecured Credentials

Exploit Development (5%)

  • Develop/Modify Exploit Code For Initial Access and Post-Exploitation
  • Identify and Exploit Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities (Stack Overflow, Buffer Overflow)

Active Directory Penetration Testing (30%)

  • Perform Active Directory Enumeration
  • Identify Domain Accounts With Weak or Empty Passwords
  • Perform AS-REP Roasting to Steal Kerberos Tickets for Authentication
  • Perform Active Directory Lateral Movement Techniques (Pass-the-Hash, Pass-the-Ticket)
  • Obtain Domain Admin Privileges/Access


The eCPPT certification is valid for three years from the date it is awarded.*
*This expiration date is for the eCPPT certifications being released in 2024 or later.

Get eCPPT Certified

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The INE Premium subscription offers the updated Penetration Testing Professional (NEW-2024) Learning Path, built for professional-level Red Teamers with a basic understanding of penetration testing fundamentals. It prepares you to take the eCPPT exam through a blend of expert-led courses and practical lab time. When you’ve completed the learning path, you’re ready for the exam!


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The eCPPT Certification Exam Voucher can only be purchased with an INE Premium Subscription. If you already have a subscription, you can buy your voucher now! We encourage everyone to complete the Penetration Testing Professional (NEW-2024)  Learning Path before attempting the certification exam.

To complete the eCPPT Certification, follow these steps:

Purchase an exam voucher to start the certification process. Login to the certification area to manage the exam and any other materials related to the certification process.

Regular vouchers expire after 180 days from purchase. Before the certification voucher expires (180 days from purchase), complete the initial exam attempt and if desired, the complimentary re-take that is provided with the voucher’s purchase. Both attempts must be submitted before the certification voucher expires. The expiration date will always be available in the certification area, and reminder emails are sent to ensure the voucher is taken advantage of.
Follow the certification instructions and complete the exam within the allotted time. If technical issues are encountered at any time during the exam, please email for assistance.

Results are on an auto-graded system. This means results will be delivered within a few hours after completing the exam. The eCPPT score report will show performance metrics in each section of the exam, allowing reflection on mastery of each exam objective. All passing score credentials will be valid for three years from the date they were awarded.

The previous eCPPT exam has retired.

Existing vouchers are valid until December 2024. For more information on this exam, download the PDF.